Defense Minister visited and praised Weihua Crane
      "Good, very good!" The praise was from Defense Minister Chang Wanquan who is member of Central Military Commission and State Councilor,while he watching Weihua crane anti-sway technology on the demo exhibits.
         During September 18 to 19, the Jinan Military Region held the Eighth Conference of the Military Defense Mobilization in Weifang, Shandong, and organized Henan, Shandong potential military and civilian products exhibition. Weihua Group is one of companies who got weaponry research and production licenses, as unique large crane equipment manufacturing enterprises exhibitors from Henan Province, attracted much attention from leaders.
weihua anti-sway crane exhibition
weihua anti-sway crane exhibition
         When Chang Wanquan and other central government and the military leaders visit Weihua exhibition booth, the deputy general manager Hou Wensheng of Weihua Group enthusiastically introduced the research development and production of new cranes to the leaders. When they had heard the Weihua products help "Shenzhou Ten" and "Chang E III" launch immediately aroused the interest of Chang Wanquan and other leaders. In front of an anti-sway gantry crane model, the staff immediately demonstrated the practicality and safety of crane anti-sway technology, which got repeatedly applauded by Minister Chang Wanquan.
         As a common use cranes manufacturing enterprise, Weihua Group while meeting market demand in domestic and abroad, also have assisted China Aerospace, Air China, China's nuclear industry, China Atomic Energy Research Technology, China Electronics Technology Research and PLA General Armament Department, etc. seven areas of multiple forces nearly 100 kinds of products, has become a pivotal force in development of China's national defense construction.
        This exhibition of products is not only anti-sway technology and anti-sway cranes, but also our new product--AL chain block.